Humpbacks observation in Boavista

Humpbacks whales carry out seasonal migrations between their high-latitude feeding areas and their low-latitude breeding grounds.

The Cape Verde Islands are one of the two breeding sites for the species in the North Atlantic. The peak of the season is between mid March and mid May.

These acrobatic whales can be sighted off the W and SW coast of Boa Vista. Individuals can be identified from natural markings (i.e. ventral fluke pattern).

Males sing songs that may last for 20 minutes and can be repeated for hours. The function of these complex songs is not still fully understood by scientists.

Whale tour boats are used as platforms of opportunity to collect data on the temporal and spatial distribution of whales, their behaviour, as well as pictures of tail flukes and dorsal fins for individual identification.


Departure from the ports

Half-day excursions are available in the morning (8:30 am) and in the afternoon (2:00 pm)

Starting ports

The meeting point may be either Tê Manchê (fishing port) or Sal-Rei port, depending on the shipping company and sea conditions.


Observation of whales during the period of reproduction accompanied by a marine biologist.

Duration of the tour

The tour normally turns around with a duration of 3 hours.


Whale watching tour

The price varies according to the choice of the preferred boat,
supplement for customers arriving from the Touareg hotel.

humpbacks observation
A wonderful day sailing near the coast of Boavista between the acrobatics of the Whales
price for children (4-11 years) € 40
We recommend comfortable clothing and long pants
In case of bad weather or unfavorable sea conditions, the excursion is postponed or canceled. In case of sudden interruption, the ticket will be refunded.