observation birdlife in Boavista

Boa Vista offers excellent opportunities to observe an interesting variety of birdlife: more than 20 different native species breed on the island. Additionally, a few tens of migratory species can be spotted between late September and late May. 

An average of 20-25 bird species can be observed on a half day tour (ca. 4 hours), visiting different habitats, such as, wetlands areas in search of waders, dune fields or inland plains for native steppe birds (ie. larks) and coastal cliffs for red-billed tropic birds.

The cream-colored courser (Cursorius cursor), the greater hoopoe lark (Alaemonalaudipes), the Cape Verde swift (Apus alexandri) or, even, the helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris) are among the most sought-after species. 

Professional binoculars will be provided to facilitate the observation. A nature guide will provide information on the most common species seen. The diversity and abundance of birds is highly influenced by weather conditions.


Departure excursion

From all the hotels. The number of guests per tour is, normally, between 1 and 4.


Travel to the island’s wetlands, Curral Velho beach (in front of the island), the observation area also depends on which species you want to see (with off-road vehicle). Three to four wetlands areas, a dune field or an inland plain, and a coastal cliff.


The departure is scheduled every day and the duration of the excursion is 4-5 hours.

Morning tour (8:00-8:30)
Afternoon tour (14:00) 


Bird watching Tour Boavista

Bird Watching Tour
A beautiful day along the coast of Boavista to discover the bird species of Boavista
reduced price for children
We recommend comfortable clothes and long pants
The price is based on the number of participants