NATURALIA is an experimental project conducted at Boa Vista since January 2006 with the aim of restoring natural ecosystems and their use in ecotourism activities (Interreg III B Project UE)
Among the main objectives of the project:
– Improving the administration of coastal resources and creating a base for ecotourism activities in Cape Verde.
– The evaluation of natural and cultural resources, both from an economic and tourist point of view, with the use of modern economic resources for sustainable exploitation.
– The promotion of cooperation between two archipelagos of Macaronesia (the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands), thus favoring the achievement of regional coherence for a sustainable development between environment and tourism.



Training courses for guides and environmental guards.


Promotion of ecotourism activities such as the observation of sea turtles, corals, birds and whales.


Economic and commercial analyzes of natural resources.


From the project a local tourism agency was born which took its name.

Naturalia (Capa Verde Ltd) has been operating at Boa Vista since January 2008. The main objectives of Naturalia are:
– Promote ecotourism activities in Boa Vista based above all on the intelligent and sustainable use of the island’s natural resources.
– Make the locals aware of the economic value of natural resources and the importance of their long-term conservation, encouraging their involvement and participation in the activities and benefits of the project.
– To connect tourism and the environment in order to support conservation and protection activities for threatened species and habitats.
– Contribute to a better knowledge of the habitats and species present in Boa Vista by collecting data of scientific interest.