NATURALIA: a pilot project for the restoration of natural ecosystems and their use in ecotourism activities (Interreg III B Project EU), ran on Boa Vista from January 2006.


Among the main goals of this project were:

- To improve the management of coastal resources and to do the groundwork for ecotourism activities in Cape Verde.

- To assess the natural and cultural resources from an economical and tourist point of view, applying modern means for a sustainable exploitation.

- To promote a cooperation between two Macaronesian archipelagos (Canary Islands Cape Verde Islands), helping achieve a regional coherence of sustainable development between environment and tourism.


Projects activities included:

- Training of environmental guards and guides

- Promotion of eco-tourist activities: observation of marine turtles, corals, birds and whales

- Economical and commercial analyses of the natural resources

- Spreading


One of the outputs of this project was the creation of a local ecotourism agency that adopted the name of the project. Naturalia (Capa Verde Ltd.) began to work on Boa Vista in January 2008. Main objectives of Naturalia are:

- Promote ecotourism activities on Boa Vista, based on the rational and sustainable use of the natural resources of the island.

- Make local people aware about the economical value of the natural resources and the importance of a long-term conservation, facilitating their involvement and participation in the project activities and benefits.

- Articulate tourism and environment to support conservation and protection activities of threatened species and habitats.

- Contribute to a better knowledge of Boa Vista habitats and species by collecting data of scientific interest.

NATURALIA Capa Verde lda

Ecotourism / Turismo Sostenibile

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