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The lights of the desert – the observation of the wonderful night sky of Boavista

In collaboration with Humana Skala and Viana Club, we are proposing a new night activity in the Desert of Viana, consisting of: welcome drink, buffet dinner, activity to observe the stars and night sky view with professional telescopes and astronomy equipment, with guides trained.

Depending on the moon phase, the time and the time of the year, planets, stars and objects of deep space will be observed with the support of a telescope, laser and tablet. During the evening, you can take photographs to capture images of unforgettable objects. In addition, a tablet is available to learn how to use applications that allow us to recognize celestial bodies, so that you can repeat the experience at home, with your device.


Departure from the hotels

Riu Touareg 6.30 PM – Sal Rei town 6.45 PM – Riu Karamboa/Palace 7.00 PM – Iberostar / New Horizont 7.15 PM
Arriving in Viana Club 7.30 PM

welcome drink

7.30 / 7:45 PM will be served a welcome drink

buffet dinner

7.45 PM / 9.00 PM (traditional dinner: tuna steak, stewed goat, stewed chicken with tatoko (traditional dish of the island of Santiago), xerém (cornmeal polenta), salad and sweet potato fries, green banana and cassava. banana cake, pudding and a typical dessert). Drinks not included.


9.00 / 9.30 PM tour presentation and video projection

Planetary visit

9.00 pm / 9.30 pm: Presentation and video briefing
21.30 / 23.30: Observation of the stars with the naked eye and with the telescopes, assisted by expert guides
23.30: Greetings and conclusion of the activity


dinner in the desert with night-sky observation

Desert delights
A fascinating dinner in the Boavista desert immersed in one of the clearest skies on the planet to admire the wonders of the universe
price for children (3-8 years) € 30
hotel transfer included
buffet dinner
We recommend comfortable and well-covered clothing